What else can you do?

It’s one quarter-life crisis after another, here at HelloAlexandra. But that’s okay, because I’m having fun living through them, and sharing them with you! I’m an adventurous 20-something living life on my own terms. Physically, I’m in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Mentally, I’m all over the place. A dancer, actress, model, costume designer, writer, general arts-and-crafts-er, jewelry designer, party planner/promoter…and I’ve dreamed of being almost everything else you can imagine (except a politician and a mother). I’m  exploring all of life’s options and, sort of at the disapproval of the elderly around me, taking my sweet-ass time figuring out what else I’m going to “do” with my life.

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One thought on “What else can you do?

  1. We used to know each other. High school life was bearable because of you. I love you and I seriously miss you. My mom and I read your Blogs and daydream about the days we practiced dance team try out dances over and over in my room. Enjoy your envious life! love you big!

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